january 2003




This just in, we have a Republican Government. 11.06.2002

Well in case you hadn't heard the GOP has managed to get control of the House, Senate, and of course the Presidency all at once. (If you hadn't then you must be living under a rock).

Anyway I thought it was worthwhile to point what this will likely mean in 2004. Now that the Republicans have virtually unobstructed control (there are still a few sorts of things that would require a larger majority than they currently have) of Congress and with a Republican sitting in the White House, this means they will essentially be able to pass any law that they desire. But it also means that they will have nobody to point the finger at. Then again they will get to claim all the credit. So if things go good then Bush will likely get another 4 years in 2004. If things go bad Bush will very likely lose. So liberals don't despair... we may have a disappointing 2 years ahead of us but it's quite possible that the Republicans have painted a huge target on themselves now for 2004.