I was reading slashdot tonight and saw and article about Jam Echelon Day (more info in the wired article). Within the comments someone wrote that wouldn't it be cool if there was something that made your text only contain these words. So I said gosh this wouldn't be all that hard to do, so I did it. If you have no idea what Echelon is then I suggest you read the past information on slashdot.

I figure you got here because of my posting off Slashdot or you've seen an Echelon Armor encoded document and followed the URL included in the version information to figure out what the heck it was. At any rate if you want to encode or decode you can use the simple form below. All you have to do is paste your text in and hit submit. Please note that there is an 4096 byte limit, the reason for this is to make sure I don't kill my machine with this CGI. If you want to do larger documents you can get my code. If you use auto detect encode/decode feature you need to include the ---BEGIN and the ---END wrappers when putting in encoded text to be decoded. For the paranoid I am logging this, just because I'm dying of curiousity what people are typing in :)

If you're curious in seeing the code you can download it (Note this requires MIME::Base64 to be installed). If you're interested in mirroring the CGI you can download it as well.

Action: (More than likely auto is what you want!)

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